Why Do I Need A Fro Friendly?

Are you a woman who sleeps with a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase? Why do you do that? Because you want the best for your hair and resting your crown on satin is the best way to do that. 

As you are driving around in your car or being driven in someone else's car, you can now protect one of your greatest assets, your hair! 

This revolutionary Fro Friendly is the best way to ensure that you are keeping your hair as beautiful as possible as you are in transit. Never before has there been a product specifically designed for your car that can literally protect your hair! 

As you know, satin pillowcases are perfect for your hair because their smoothness stops your hair from getting tangled up while you're sleeping. However, your hair doesn't stop needing protection while you're driving.

If you have a car and are spending hours driving around taking care of one thing or another, your hair is being smushed up against your headrest for hours at a time!

Or if you are in and out of a taxi or another shared ride service, you are putting your hair on strange headrests. How often do you think those headrests are cleaned? Ew.

Protect your crown and get a Fro Friendly!