Fro Friendly With Words!
Fro Friendly With Words!
Fro Friendly With Words!

Fro Friendly With Words!

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 Get a set of 2 Fro Friendlies for $45

Many women take such pride with their hair, and one way is by sleeping on a satin pillow case or wearing a satin bonnet. However, they then get into a car and put their head up against a headrest with no protection for their crown! 


With the Fro Friendly, you can protect your hair the same way you do while sleeping, and be fashionable while doing it! 

NOTE: We are currently updating our site, so every color listed is not represented but is available. 

Please add your wording in the notes portion of your order

FRO FRIENDLY WITH WORDING: You can pick up to 3 words, here are few examples:

Mommy's Ride 

Sexy Mommy

I Drive Cute 

Fab Fro 

Naturally Fabulous


You can also order a Fro Friendly with an image. Click here to see the options.

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